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I had the very first Earth to Autism client meeting with a young man named Ian today. Ian is 18 years old and he has high functioning autism. He has an ambitious plan for the summer that includes participating in both our Garden Project and our Repair Cafe program.

IMG_2943 Ian

Our Garden Project will build the first of several raised garden beds at Pacifica Senior Assisted Living Facility for the enjoyment of the residents who live in that facility. The garden bed will be high enough and have side rails so that all of the residents, regardless of their mobility can enjoy the garden. We hope to build more of these gardens at other facilities in the near future.

The second project that we are seeking sponsors for is our Repair Cafe International program. The Repair Cafe provides an opportunity for community members to have their common household items such as bikes, electronics and jewelry repaired for free. The program keeps items out of the landfill while also providing training to adults with ASD such as Ian. This is a really important program for Ian to be involved in because he gets to work on his social skills while learning numerous repair skills that will be beneficial to him when he leaves our program.

In order to be successful in these programs, Ian needs sponsors to purchase supplies for him. Our most pressing need at this time is a laptop computer for Ian. He’ll be working on researching sustainability and learning to work remotely with our team members located around the country so a laptop is essential to the important work that he’ll be doing.

If you would like to help sponsor an item you can use our paypal donate link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FM3536YQCQKDU.

You may also send a check payable to Earth to Autism, 2611 3rd Ave N, St. Petersburg, Fl, 33713.

If you have any questions at all please call us at 727-710-0649.

Here are the items open for sponsorship:

Garden Project: 

$12.50 – 1/4 sponsorship of the Garden Tool Kit

$20.00- 1/5 sponsorship for soil

$20.00- 1/5 sponsorship for the purchase of seeds

$100.00 – 1/5 sponsorship for transportation to and from the garden for Ian

$100.00- 1/10 sponsorship for a laptop computer

$200 dollars = 1/5 sponsorship of the raised garden bed

Repair Cafe:

$20.00 – 1/5 sponsorship of DIY reading materials for attendees

$50.00 – 1/5 sponsorship for coffee and tea for attendees at each event

$100.00- 1/5 sponsorship for fellowship hall space donation

$100.00 – 1/5 sponsorship for transportation to and from the Repair Cafe events for Ian

$500.00- 1/4 sponsorship for stipends to community professionals for training Ian to repair common items

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for supporting Ian and the mission of Earth to Autism!


Published by Leanne

I am the founder of Earth to Autism Inc., a nonprofit on a mission to help adults with autism find meaningful employment.

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