Eliminating barriers

Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook executive talks about women coming to the table and leaning in. I thought about adults with autism and whether they get their chance to come sit at the table and who’s making room at the table for them. I thought well maybe E2A can add a seat at the table for adults with autism but then I thought nah let’s get rid of the table so there’s no limit to how many adults with autism can achieve success in the workplace. E2A would love to help each and every adult with autism to reach their goals and achieve success! We’ll work to flip & or push any table out of the way that stands in the way of an adult with autism achieving success in the workplace! Call or text us to start your journey to success in the workplace! 727-710-0649

Published by Leanne

I am the founder of Earth to Autism Inc., a nonprofit on a mission to help adults with autism find meaningful employment.

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