Upcoming Repair Cafe

I’m getting a lot calls and emails about the upcoming Repair Cafe so I thought I’d answer some common questions I’m receiving ..

Our Repair Cafe is the only one in Florida right now. The next one we are doing is in Tampa because the John F Germany library requested us to come there on 7/20/19.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the Sarasota area so if anyone in that area wants to start a Repair Cafe then we’ll help you get started. Just message me and we’ll make it happen. I already have 3 people with things down there that need repair!

We repair what our volunteer experts can fix so if we get the word out and build our network of repair experts then we’ll be able to fix more things so please tell everyone you know about Repair Cafes! You never know who’s secretly hiding a repair skill!

For Tampa Repair Cafe, please bring a picture of your broken bike. We can’t mess up the library so no bikes inside please! We’ll have another Repair Cafe in August at our classroom in Seminole and we’ll fix the bikes there.

We’ll be doing sewing and basic repairs on electronics and small appliances at the Tampa Repair Cafe. In August we should have some jewelry repair along with the bike repair stations open.

Keep your questions coming! Email admin@earthtoautism.com.

I’m so excited that so many people are calling to find out if we can fix something before it goes in the trash! #bethechange #earthtoautism #tossitnoway

Published by Leanne

I am the founder of Earth to Autism Inc., a nonprofit on a mission to help adults with autism find meaningful employment.

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