Group Gardening – 7/3/19

Wednesdays are always garden night at Earth to Autism. Join us 6pm at 5400 Seminole Blvd, Seminole FL behind the church each Wednesday night. Everyone is always welcome! We’ve got $350 in pledges this week for our community garden project. Thank you to our online & offline donors. You guys are awesome! We’ll be brainstorming some ideas as to what items we’d like to purchase and where we’d like our next community garden plot to be located as we take care of the garden. See you tomorrow night!

Great progress

Today we had our first planning session in the ambassador training room. Our wishlist is now up on Amazon to share the items we need for the program. Things are coming together & we are going to start trialing a few things with some of our ATP recruits in just a few weeks! If you or someone you know has a need for employment readiness training please message us! We are here to serve! #earthtoautism #autism

Our mission

We are on a mission to teach adults with autism the skills they need to be leaders in the green revolution. We are grateful for every contribution received thus far! Every hour of service, every in kind donations, and every dollar donated brings us closer to making a differences in the lives of adults with autism and to saving our planet. Thank you to everyone who believes in this cause and please keep telling the world about us! It truly takes a village to raise a nonprofit! Call or text us to get involved 727-710-0649! #giveback

Eliminating barriers

Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook executive talks about women coming to the table and leaning in. I thought about adults with autism and whether they get their chance to come sit at the table and who’s making room at the table for them. I thought well maybe E2A can add a seat at the table for adults with autism but then I thought nah let’s get rid of the table so there’s no limit to how many adults with autism can achieve success in the workplace. E2A would love to help each and every adult with autism to reach their goals and achieve success! We’ll work to flip & or push any table out of the way that stands in the way of an adult with autism achieving success in the workplace! Call or text us to start your journey to success in the workplace! 727-710-0649