Urban Farming

So here it is! Our first endeavor into growing seeds! We will blog about our hydroponic journey as we go. Soon we’ll put it in the hands of an adult with autism so they can learn the steps to successful growing. Our plan is to start in the smaller system and then move to the bigger system donated by Jane Morse-Swett with Women with a Purpose. We are so thankful for the donation because having two systems will definitely speed the growing process and it gives more individuals the chance to be involved in this process. Please keep checking back for updates! We are raising money to get our Aquaponic system going as well. Volunteers are also needed if you have an hour to spare each week to help us grow! We look forward to feeding hungry bellies in our community soon! Stay tuned!82BFFBAD-7CC3-4C59-93F9-557FCA07DA49