Adult Services

 Transitioning to Adult Services 👨🏼‍🎓 

As young adults’ transition into adulthood after high school they may not know where to look for services. Some possible types of services to look for are outlined here for you. 

  • Day programs: Oftentimes, depending on the needs of the adult, these programs are localized, offer transportation to and from the program, and include social, volunteer, and therapeutic activities:
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  • Work and career support- Job coaching through Vocational Rehabilitation is a possible option  
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  • Recreational and Community Programs- Programs such as the Special Olympics and Challenger Sports are available to adults with disabilities. These programs provide physical exercise and opportunities for social engagement.
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  • Therapies– As adults with disabilities transition out of high school, many of their therapeutic services will stop. Adults with insurance coverage such as Medicaid may be eligible to continue receiving therapies such as behavioral, cognitive, speech, occupational, and physical therapy after they are finished with high school.
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  • Residential services: There are many residential programs that allow adults with disabilities to live as independently as possible while still providing assistance with things like household budgeting, transportation, and meal preparation. 

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I am the founder of Earth to Autism Inc., a nonprofit on a mission to help adults with autism find meaningful employment.

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